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Category: Caregiver Burnout

Navigating Caregiving: How Caregiving Can Lead to PTSD

PTSD doesn’t just happen to people who have experienced a major life-threatening event. PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) can occur after any traumatic event or experience. It may surprise you to discover that providing care for a loved one is one of the main causes of PTSD. Yet, the condition often goes undetected, and thus untreated, […]

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Staying Checked In: How to Avoid Caregiver Boredom

It’s not easy to admit, and it’s even less easy to avoid. Becoming tired of your role as family caregiver is a common response to spending a great deal of time together, performing the same tasks, participating in the same activities, and running out of interesting conversation topics. Of course, this isn’t a reflection of […]

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Caregiving Patience: It Takes Some Getting Used To!

Does a long line of annoyed shoppers make your blood boil while waiting to a check out at a grocery store? Or when you arrive five minutes early for a doctor’s appointment, only to need to wait 45 minutes to be seen? Many people just appear to project an innate sense of patience, whatever the […]

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