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Category: Senior Care

How Can You and Your Parents Avoid Financial Elder Abuse?

When asked if they thought they might be susceptible to financial elder abuse or fraud, the vast majority of surveyed adults in their 50s through 90s  – 81%, in fact – felt confident that they would never fall for a scam. Everyone wants to believe we’re too savvy and knowledgeable to fall into financial abuse. […]

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The Challenges of Aging for LGBTQ+ Seniors

Older adults often face a number of significant challenges throughout aging: vision, health conditions, mobility changes, and an increased loss of friends and loved ones, just to name a few. LGBTQ+ seniors go through these challenges as well, but they also have other additional risks they face in aging, including:

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Addressing and Managing Chronic Fatigue in Seniors

We all know the feeling of needing five more minutes in bed before we’re ready to face the day. However, chronic fatigue in seniors takes that sense of exhaustion to a whole new level. As one chronic fatigue sufferer describes it, “I feel like I have a drained battery pretty much all of the time. […]

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Senior Bath Time: How Often Seniors Should Bathe?

There’s nothing like a warm, bubbly bath and the end of the day and a refreshing, invigorating shower in the morning! However, when considering how often seniors should bathe, it really is possible to have too much of a good thing with regards to these everyday bath times for seniors.

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